Declares August 4, 2013


August 4, 2013 is the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest baseball brawls in history. Get your commemorative shirt today!

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To understand the history of this event, you have to go back 20 years. On August 4, 1993, Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox was hit in the ribs by a pitch delivered from Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers. Instead of taking to first base and brushing off the incident, the young Ventura charged the mound. What ensued was one of the greatest bench clearing beatdowns in baseball history. Ryan, 46, was 20 years older than Ventura and quickly incapacitated the White Sox third baseman in a headlock and delivered several repeated punches to the face. The two were eventually separated and Ventura was ejected from the game.

The world is becoming a place of aging hipsters, once kings of their respective castles, quickly being replaced by young, innovative pioneers. Celebrating this event, 20 years later, in a baseball loving city like San Francisco, seems to bring the appropriate message to those who feel out of touch or over the hill. Proving yourself isn’t about age, it’s about throwing the right punch when the opportunity presents itself.

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